Vladimir Ulyantsev

Associate Professor & Computer Technologies Lab head – ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia

Born in Leningrad, USSR in 1990.
In 2007 graduated from St. Petersburg’s Lyceum No. 239. Completed Bachelor’s studies in ITMO University’s Computer Technologies Department in 2011, and Master’s studies – in 2013. Defended my PhD thesis on “Finite-state machine synthesis using SAT and CSP solvers” in 2015, supervised by Anatoly Shalyto.
Detailed bio in english provided here.

Professional interests: Research Administration, Bioinformatics, Combinatorial Optimization, Evolutionary Algorithms, Generative Design, SAT, Machine Learning.

На русском: биография, гранты, студенты, лекции.


2023-12-26 Ekaterina Noskova defended her PhD on Methods for inferring demographic history models under my supervizion! Graz!
2023-08-26 Katya Noskova’ paper on new version of GADMA toolkit published in GigaScience!
2023-04-27 Finally, a paper on sbv IMPROVER metagenomics challenge (that Artem Ivanov won under my supervision) was published in Scientific Reports!
2023-03-16 Two papers published as early-access: one in Systematic Biology with Kostya Chukharev on evolutionary trees reconstruction, second in mSystems with Artem Ivanov on metagenomic biomarkers extraction.
2022-06-24 New preprint available with the new version of GADMA described
2022-02-14 Two interdisciplinary papers have been published! On Hi-C Metagenomics in Frontiers in Microbiology, and on ML for polaritonic lattices study in Communications Physics.
2021-10-15 Finally, our paper on SAT instances hardness evaluation using EA presented on CP’21!
2021-09-25 New paper published on applying evolutionary algorithms to design silicon nanosphere metalenses with predefined focusing properties
2021-08-17 New paper on donor-recipient metagenomic diversity analysis published in mSystems
2021-07-27 Won a “personal” RSCF grant! Small one, but the first one for me on bioinformatics.

selected publications

  1. GigaScience
    GADMA2: more efficient and flexible demographic inference from genetic data
    Noskova Ekaterina, Abramov Nikita, Iliutkin Stanislav, Sidorin Anton, Dobrynin Pavel, Ulyantsev Vladimir
    GigaScience 2023
  2. GigaScience
    GADMA: Genetic algorithm for inferring demographic history of multiple populations from allele frequency spectrum data
    Noskova Ekaterina, Ulyantsev Vladimir, Koepfli Klaus-Peter, O’Brien Stephen J, Dobrynin Pavel
    GigaScience 2020
  3. Efficient Symmetry Breaking for SAT-Based Minimum DFA Inference
    Zakirzyanov Ilya, Morgado Antonio, Ignatiev Alexey, Ulyantsev Vladimir, Marques-Silva Joao
    In Language and Automata Theory and Applications 2019
  4. Bioinf
    MetaCherchant: analyzing genomic context of antibiotic resistance genes in gut microbiota
    Olekhnovich Evgenii, Vasilyev Artem, Ulyantsev Vladimir, Kostryukova Elena, Tyakht Alexander
    Bioinformatics 2018
  5. Bioinf
    MetaFast: fast reference-free graph-based comparison of shotgun metagenomic data
    Ulyantsev Vladimir, Kazakov Sergey, Dubinkina Veronika, Tyakht Alexander, Alexeev Dmitry
    Bioinformatics 2016
  6. BFS-based symmetry breaking predicates for DFA identification
    Ulyantsev Vladimir, Zakirzyanov Ilya, Shalyto Anatoly
    In International Conference on Language and Automata Theory and Applications 2015